antimony (antimony) wrote,

ooh, looking at jnanacandra's photos made me remember that I still want to get a really huge print of the "quadrillium" made. (It's a photo of a trillium that was a little bit confused, and has fours everywhere.) The photograph itself is nothing really special (taken with either a 35mm standard snapshot, or *maybe* my dad's nicer 35mm, or possibly my 110, although I don't think I was the one that took the photo, and I may want to crop it -- I haven't looked at it in a few years. What I was going to ask the photography-savvy here is: what sizes can you blow a 35mm photo up to without serious grainy-ness? (I haven't decided if I want to blow it up far enough to go grainy. I might, actually.) And, second -- can this be done at all without the negative? I haven't asked my folks yet if they can find the negative -- they save them, usually, but they don't have all of their old photos.
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