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I really, really, wish that places that review restaurants would take the ten seconds to note whether or not a place is veggie-friendly. (I was looking around for someplace for Dave and I to go for our anniversary, which is tomorrow. Many Boston-restaurant guides point out which places are good for such occasions, but I really, really don't want to have to sit and call them all to ask about vegetarian options.)

Ideally, I'd like to find a place where I can order off the menu. (We went to Blue Ginger last year, which was lovely, but I did have to ask the kitchen to come up with something. They obliged by combining the veggie-sides from like three of the main courses. It really was nice, but I like having choices and not feeling like a weirdo in a restaurant that's supposed to be pampering me.)

And any searching on "vegetarian" restaurant guides just yields lists of places that are all-veggie or close to it. I don't want a place like that, since Dave does like meat, and I'm sure there *are* upscale places with choices. (I'm looking a little more upscale than Elephant Walk (which I'm not fond of anyways) or Marino's (yum, but we've been there).)

Grump. And all the reviews focus only on the textures of the meat dishes and the gooey-trendy-flourless chocolate cakes. Most of them don't even mention the side-dishes, etc, which would tell me something about whether or not the restaurant actually knows how to make anything other than meat and dessert.

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