antimony (antimony) wrote,

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it rains in the town...

Grr. I like rain. When I don't, say, have to either walk home in it (not an option, really, since I can't get some of the stuff I'm carrying soaked) or pay money to take the T to somewhere where the bus runs until a decent hour. Sigh. I want the 85 and CT2 to run past, say, 6:30. That or rings of teleport and teleport control. (And a bottle of JD for use in buildings without elevators.)

And there are funny little halos around everything, since I managed to finally haul myself to the pool, but also managed to forget the second-most-important piece of my speedo gear. (That being my goggles. The most important is the suit, and the cap comes third, since my hair is, er, long. The diver's chamois and the hand-paddles are just to make me feel like more of an ex-swimmer and less of a beached whale.)
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