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job ending stuff...

Well, I didn't manage to work a miracle in my month here, but my bosses didn't expect me to, and are happy with what I've accomplished. I'm not, but that's the drive that keeps me getting anything done.

So they're going to set it up so I can get in here to keep working on things when I have spare time this spring semester (hah!). Which should be good, provided I actually come in and work on things. I was hoping they could set it up so I could telnet/ssh in from campus so that I could work on things when I have a few spare minutes, but that won't work since they can't give me one of the "smart cards" you need to get in through the security. Oh well.

Ow. I have a headache. Staring at computer screen not help headache. I'll go get lunch and see if that helps. Maybe I'll go over to the coffeeshop or the deli and get real food, which is more expensive but, hey, it's my last day.
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