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At the drop of a hat...

...Hamburg will play Age of Ren. (Hamburg is a friend from Swarthmore, who's in town on a business trip.) Fractal, Ayn, Monkey, Hamburg, and I all went out to Fire&Ice last night, which was loads of fun. At one point someone suggested we play Age -- there was talk of playing all night last night, but since Hamburg would then have to find a place to crash tomorrow (his hotel runs out) anyways so that he could drive home non-sleep-depped, we decided tonight makes more sense. So we play tonight. We even have 2 copies, since Hamburg keeps his in his trunk in case of spontaneous Age games. (Note: this is a *minimum* 5 hour game with 5 players, and usually takes longer 'cause we stop for food, and people get tired and overly analytical.)

Whee. And there was much sillyness at the restaurant, including while paying, when there weren't enough ones for it to be fair, and Hamburg suggested we should just take the difference out of Ayn and Monkey's opening bids in tonight's game. :) (I guess that's only really funny if you know how to play Age. Oh well.)

This will be a good way to celebrate my last day of work here. Back to classes on Tuesday.

And I have a headache. I hope it goes away before the game, or else I'm going to be a grumpy European power. And that's never a good thing to have.
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