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two snows on the crocuses, before the winter will be gone...

I'm making my first mix tape! Whee!
(Well, right now I'm making an iTunes playlist with all the songs to facilitate picking an order. And I found a walkman that will be actually useful to play the mix on. (I had a walkman, but it could turn its radio on easily while it was in my bag, which was unhelpful. So I hunted stores to find one that was old-style and had clunky buttons and switches. And cheap!)

I'm getting back in shape, and it feels really good. (Why didn't I do this before? Oh, right, I'm lazy. Sigh.) The walkman and mix tape(s) are for making jogging less boring, especially on the treadmill. I'm trying to rehab from achilles tendonitis and train for the half-ironman at the end of the summer. (Dave and I are going to do it together.)

Since I didn't exercise today, I'm making up for it by making the mix. (My calves were sore and I didn't want to overdo it, and I had a rather bad case of the PMS blahs.)

*bounce* Exercise good. Wish it were still snowing, though. It's March -- it's supposed to progressively snow more as the month goes on. Except when I'm supposed to be on a plane. :)

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