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good morning, world

I finally got a reasonable amount of sleep last night. I had really odd dreams, though, involving a shipwreck and pink-flamingo shaped aliens and juggling throwing-axes with my dad.

Dave's on his way to Texas -- I hope this trip doesn't stress him out as much as the last one. At least this time he's prepared for the TX crew to be somewhat moronic. And he gets back on Saturday, which really isn't very far away. It's not like I *have* to see him every day. But I miss him more when he's out of town than when we just don't happen to see each other because our schedules don't click.

And there may be gaming on Friday night. Yay! (Eva will be out of town, so there won't be Manray, and I'd rather game than see a movie or go to dinner, since gaming is free.) Hopefully there won't be any bad mojo between Ayn and Fractal and me this time.
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