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I just got home from San Antonio -- the conference was great, and I'll post about it later. (Especially since some of you, my adorable readers, are saying "what conference?", I'm sure.)

There was this email about the math requirement for my degree -- it mentioned a point I hadn't seen before -- that if you want to only take one class, you have to get a B (not a B-) or better. So I worried, since I was *sure* I bombed the final for that math class, and I hadn't had the guts to check my grade. A-. A-fricking-minus. It's only the third A I've gotten at MIT. I just wanted to gloat. (And while I'm still sure I bombed the final (along with doing B-ishly on the midterm), I feel that I learned what we were supposed to and demonstrated it in non-timed, non-closed book fashions. I seem to have lost my semi-photographic memory -- I left it behind in second-semester intro Greek, when it filled up with middle verbs, and I've been middling along without it ever since.)

That's all. I just wanted to breathe a big sigh of relief and then gloat for a while.

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