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So I just finally got around to finishing one of Mercedes Lackey's trilogies that post-dates my need to buy all of her stuff in paperback. (The Owlflight/sight/knight trilogy, FWIW.) And then, later, I was checking newsgroups and decided to take a look at alt.books.m-lackey, where I hung out for a while my freshman year before I had too many new RL friends to have time for an online life.

A lot of the same faces are still there. (And, sadly, one familiar poster just passed away.) Heck, my name is still on the Birthday List. Maybe if I can figure out how to convince my newsreader (tin) that my name is "antimony", I might even post a brief re-delurk. (I never concealed my identity there, and "antimony" is just my generic online version, not a persona, but I'd rather use that name there.)

Now for the small online world bit -- I was glancing at threads with familiar posters, and saw one re-welcoming "Aiglet". I thought "I remember her!", clicked on the thread, and realized that this is aiglet. Dude.
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