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There was one big question missing from the "find your spot" quiz, although it may have been sort-of included in some of the questions. Namely, "How close to a major city do you want to live?". So I tweaked some answers, decreasing my vehemence about wanting snow, and said I like opera because, while that's not the cultural reasons I want a big city, it's the right type of answer. And I decreased my anti-hunting bias, since I loved Houghton, and it's big hunting country. (My dormitory had a gun rack. Honest!)

Hmm. All of the tweaking just re-arranged the same cities in my top 24, except for adding Hartford, CT and one more WV town. I'm getting the feeling the entire list of locations was kinda limited. I also don't really know much about housing prices to know what kind of price range the kind of house I want falls into.

Tweak, tweak.
Nope, I'm still supposed to live in WI, IL, MA, or VT. What happened to the rest of the Midwest, eh?
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