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This is the first day back on the job and in class after I came down with the martian death flu. It's just past 2 and I am exhausted. I don't feel that bad, but my eye muscles have gone on strike, so I'm seeing double. I think I need to start doing deliberate exercises with them again, but now is not the time for that. Not when keeping my eyes open is also a strain.

At least I have the impressive cough to show that I really am sick. I worry that people think I'm faking ill, because most peoples' immune systems don't suck like mine.

I did get a fair bit of homework done yesterday, so I'm only a week behind, not more than that. (sigh...)

I may sound like I'm whining, but I'm actually trying to say I feel a lot better. The party on Saturday was lovely, which was a nice surprise. (I was kinda exhausted both physically and emotionally when I left for it, and expected to not be up for a party. But it was a little smaller & quieter than the usual bash, which was just my speed.)

And I will conclude by noting my freudian slippery fingers: when I originally tried to type "speed" in the preceding paragraph, I typed "sleep" instead. Want sleep. Will take a nap after class before anime, methinks.

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