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convergence and avocados...

Life is much better. Even if I think I'm still full from dinner last night (the aforementioned avocados). Eustacia is a sweetie and cheered me up immensely last night. And I rolled my character for (eek! must create pseudonym)'s game. Then I went home and found many houseguests, but I pried myself away and went to sleep. Sleep also good.

My perl code for my research still crashes bizarrely, but I finally managed to nursemaid it through one iteration, and the results are promising. This is good. I had put down that this section of the tests would be complete by the end of October at the latest, and that might even come true. (The tests *will* be complete, but I don't know if I'll have found all of the bugs that make running the tests a pain. For the next step, I need many tests to run themselves.)
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