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Odd Day (Lego World Domination Remix)

Okay, so I had some really strange dreams last night. The first included designing a shopping mall with legos in a fashion to facilitate taking over the world. Others included watching two children play a grand piano, trying to get a car out of my grandmother's driveway (which was weird in the dream, although it sounds lame), and some very odd buildings. There was more, but it's become very blurry.

Then I hopped on the scale and got an odd reading. Fractal's scale almost never shows odd numbers, for no apparent reason.

I then raced down to the square to catch the bus-o'-cutting-it-close (i.e. the 8am 86 to harvard, which just barely gets me to Alewife by 8:30) and stood behind a late-twentysomething woman with nice blond hair, a well-tailored brown suit, playing Pokemon on a bright yellow Game Boy.

That's when I decided that today was just going to be weird. Bring on the weirdness.
(And I just noticed that my computer program says today is 10/10/101. It's not quite Y2K compatible. But it's not actually important. Snort.)
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