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speaking of dreams

Wotan mentioned dreams, and I remembered that I never posted about having a lucid dream Monday night. It's only the second time I've realized mid-dream that I was dreaming, and I don't know what triggered it either time. (The first time, I was on a cruise, and the boat was leaving this pretty wilderness island, and I decided that I could miss the boat and stay, since I could just wake up when I wanted to leave.) This time, I was somewhere for a race of Dave's, and I realized I was dreaming, and after the race ended, I dragged him off to see the really pretty seashore nearby and some spiffy cottages. I think he had other plans, but I tried to explain that this was all in my dream, so did it really matter if he missed his other plans, so he came along, a little dubious about the whole thing.

I thought about trying to fly, or teleport, or something, but I couldn't see any way to alter reality. Basically, it was still the same dream, with normal-world mechanics, with the added knowledge that I could just do whatever I felt like doing. So I got on a bus with Dave and headed up these gorgeous seaside cliffs. Dunno what that says about me. Weird.

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