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It smells like fall...

I was biking to Porter this morning and smelled fall. It's officially fall in my world now. (This is good, since last year, weirdly enough, it smelled like winter in a cold snap *before* it ever smelled like fall.[1])

I just figured out why my code was confused. (I'm still poking at a pile of perl scripts that include a *lot* of explicit filepaths, and they've been uprooted and dumped into an entirely different SGI box with very different paths. So I run them, wait for them to crash in confusion, and grep out the source of the trouble, basically. That and read far too many webcomics. I just read all of Clan of the Cats, which I liked except for the crossovers, and I'm somewhere in 1976 in catching up on Doonesbury. (Once I get to ~1985 or so, that will go more quickly, as I'll hit periods where I a) read Doonesbury the first time around and b) actually understand all of the random cultural/political references. Some of the Vietnam/Korea ones are chillingly apt around now, though. I don't have any specific examples, though -- you'll have to read them all yourself. And if anyone wants my script to grab whole months of Doonesbury at a time without ads or frames or anything, email me.)

Maybe by the end of the day I'll have the code up and running just like it was half a year ago on the other box. Whee. Then I can try to figure out why (if?) it's broken for real.

[addendum, two minutes later: well, this time it didn't break at the beginning, so now it's at the stage where it
takes for-fricking-ever to see if it's broken. this is progress, albeit somewhat irritating...]

[1] Disclaimer: I have the world's weirdest sense of smell. Usually, this is good, since it includes the fact that I can't smell patchouli, and, well, from what I've heard, it's better that way.

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