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an amusing question

So, some friends of Fractal's posed the following question: if "they" made a movie of your life, what songs would roll during the opening & closing credits, and what song would show up in some scene in the middle? It's an amusing question, which I've been rolling around in my brain, and I'll expand it to allow any number of songs for scenes, since I'm just curious, not actually making a mix tape...

I'm curious as to what the rest of y'all would choose...

As of now, I'm only sure of the closing credits, which would have to be "Rush", by Big Audio Dynamite II. (The lyrics begin "If I had my time again / I would do it all the same / And not change a single thing / Even when I was to blame", and go on in such a vein.) Note that it must be the *album* version, since I think the music video/standard radio release may have been a shortened version. This is to ensure that the really bizarre excursus on rhythm & melody during the instrumental bridge is included, possibly with a break in the music to have some humorous remark by the actress playing me included. Note that I couldn't find a lyrics page to link that had the excursus, so you'll have to ask me to play the album if you want to know what it says. :)

Figuring out the others has been tougher, since I don't want to include anything that I know was already a movie-soundtrack song, since then it just reminds me of that movie, not of me. (That ruled out "Dyslexic Heart" for any romantic subplots...)

I think the opening song choice would depend on when in my life the movie started: I'd want it to be something that was either current at the time or something I was really into at the time. That would give me the genre/era, and I'd pick a song based either on having appropriate deep lyrics or some silly way to segue into the actual movie. The other, completely different option, would be to use "By My Side" from Godspell. It's a little too quiet for my tastes in movie soundtrack songs, though.

Then there's lots of silly ideas, mostly including songs that actually played during signficant events in my life, or that I chose to play a lot because of relevant lyrics, and are therefore already in my brain for those periods. These include "Extremes" by Billy Joel, for the end of high school and the beginning of college, "When It's Love" by Van Halen for when Dave and I first got together, and some silly ones, like "A Swinging Episode" by heaven-only-knows what random pop-rap group for Jen and I road-tripping, or various Magnetic Fields/Distant Plastic Trees for some angstful moments, etc.

Okay, this is long enough already. I'll probably post more on this as I continue to procrastinate by thinking about it...

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