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Comedy of Errors

Blah. Yesterday was going alright, and then: the 88 bus passed right by me as I was standing at the stop, there was this very loud, very large, intimidating, obviously mentally ill man on the 87 bus that got off at my usual stop, so I got off one stop later and walked. Then when I got to my apartment, I determined that my keys were still in Dave's apartment. Luckily one of the upstairs neighbors was home and let me use their phone.

And now I'm just writing because I can't finish my homework 'cause it doesn't make sense, but I have 20 minutes until I need to go to class, and I'm resisting the urge to go buy greasy chinese food from the food truck. (This would be because I'm out of money due to another late paycheck and I'm trying to cut down my greasy food consumption.)

So I'm hyper and energy-less due to hunger at the same time. *bounce* *crash* *bounce* *crash*. Sigh. Didn't I swear I wasn't going to take another afternoon class b/c I'm like this in the afternoons? Oh well.

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