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tired antimony...

After way too much fun with MapQuest, I determined that a large portion of the reason I'm so tired is that I walked about *EIGHT* miles today, rather than the 4-5 I was expecting. I should have taken a taxi, probably, but I'm actually really glad I didn't. I did the "I'm travelling, so I'm going to have really cool insights on the meaning of life while being on the verge of getting lost in rural Rhode Island." I might write them up; I might just savor them myself.

Amusingly enough, it took me about the same time to walk those eight miles as it took Dave to do a half-marathon. I'm rather proud of that, actually.

I'm now also extraordinarily sunburnt. Ow. I think I'm going back to bed now. It's been an exhausting last few days. All individual bits were good; there were just a few too many of them.
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