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I just talked to my advisor, and he approved my schedule. Yay. And I've got a much saner schedule this fall: taking 1 (one) class and auditing one or two. (The second audit may or may not happen, depending on whether or not it's a class that lends itself well to auditing.) And then I've got my thesis.

I'll go get books in the next few days, since my dad gets in tomorrow and he wants to see the MIT bookstore at some point.

My schedule, for any who care:
MW 3-4:30: Numerical Methods class (the real class)
TTh 930-11: Stochastic Processes (the audit)
Fit in 20+ hours of time at LL around that.

I've also got a backup option for the math class if the prof. appears to be Pure Evil TM in the first week, but I don't think that will happen.

And I bought a copy of the Canterbury Tales at the really cool used bookstore in Davis Square. I was looking through their classics section, wondering if I should really look for some Ovid or Aristophanes to get my classics-geek points back, and was all set to wuss out on that when I saw the Canterbury Tales and thought "hey, cool, I can be a literature geek without trying to dredge up insane verb forms, and there's a copy on the shelf for cheap b/c the pretty cloth binding has a tear". So I'm reading the Canterbury Tales for real this time (read them in a ModEnglish prose version as a high school frosh). Whee. I need to find a library with a classical commentary section. I miss having a library full of things that I love but aren't technical. The MIT libraries rock for engin/science stuff, but they're kinda sparse everywhere else. And the Antimony needs variety in her insane academic pursuits, thanks. :)

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