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one of these days...

Gack! Ever since Francine acquired a livejournal username, I've had "Theory Boys" stuck in my head. For anyone not keeping score at home, Francine is now theory_girl. I'll probably randomly call her by both pseudonyms. And I should update my Pseudonym Directory, which I don't link to or mess with nearly often enough. Especially since I think it still makes reference to several now-defunct relationships. Oops. I think I'll go fix that.

Oh, and Elly is coming to Boston this weekend. There may be ManRay in her honor, but it'll be a last-minute decision, so I'm not announcing anything. Actually, I'm kinda hoping for the stay-home and gossip evening plans, 'cause both Elly and I are lousy correspondents and I have no idea what she's been up to.
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