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i punch the wall

rode to work today. decided to take a slightly longer route home, as I was feeling buff. (As it turned out, the alternate route was actually only a half-mile longer, rather than the ~2 that I thought.) I ended up being not-so-buff, though, and hit "the wall". worked through it okay, but I never quite got up to speed.

P.S. Dave, did you pass me on the minuteman? I was really intent on trying to make the pedals go 'round when someone that looked vaguely like you nodded at me, and by the time I turned around, I couldn't tell at all.

P.P.S I was terrified when I left Quebec that I'd forgotten something in the hotel. Turns out I forgot to get my toothbrush out of the bathroom. No big deal, and it probably means I didn't forget anything else.
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