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Drunken Debauchery and the Walk of Shame, sort of...

Last night, I went over to Jupiter's house to hang out before the weekly Tir Na Nog trip (it's a bar with live music in Union Square). Dave showed up, and things were a little odd, since he was in his "tense but not acknowledging it" mood which tends to accidentally leave me with bruises. (That sounded worse than it is -- he just horses around a little too roughly, not intentionally hurting me.) I was irritated by this, but mostly just worried about his stress level. So we go to the bar, and after about a half-glass of hard cider, Dave suddenly personality-changes into an affectionate puppy dog. Which is a) preferable for me, and b) better for his stress level. So we end up back at his place to cuddle and fall soundly asleep on the futon. I get up to leave so that I don't miss the bus, and a goodbye hug turns into a you're-not-going-home-tonight hug. So we cuddle some more and go to bed. Insomnia drove Dave to the futon at 2:30, and I felt bad about it, since I tend to feel like it's my fault if he gets insomnia when I'm around. But it was okay, and we both got a reasonable amount of sleep. I got up and caught the morning shuttle a.k.a. the 88 bus and got home in time to shower and get to work on time. So all in all, it was a very good night. ;)

This morning, I decided to walk to work and get breakfast at Dunkin Donuts on the way, which was also very nice. It didn't take me much longer than waiting for the bus would have -- I should do that more often, as it's a nice way to finish waking up. I miss the walk to Swat's campus from ML.
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