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longing to plagarize...

Gah. I hate spending forever trying to re-write something that's already well-written in my own words. The previous student working on this could cut and paste stuff right out of his thesis for his conference papers -- I can't do that, since it's not my writing. So I have to say the exact same things, basically, since I'm summarizing his work (my own is only a small add-on to what he did at this point), but without plagarizing his work. (Well, I am allowed to steal his equations straight out of the electronic copy of the old paper, which is nice...) And I've still got some of those aesthetics that go along with being a classics geek, like using synonyms rather than repeating yourself, and having sentence structure variety, and sounding like a real human being but also being very formal and technical. Gah. Maybe I'll see if I can incorporate a tricolon crescendo somewhere in the conclusions and future work, just because. :)

Back to writing, equation editing, and tearing my hair out in handfuls....
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