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morning blahs

(Yes, I know, it's not morning anymore. That's why I have enough energy to post.)

I really hate the fact that I almost always wake up feeling sick. It goes away after a while, between 30 min and 2 hours. It means that this whole biking-to-work thing doesn't work very well, because I feel like shit until well after the time I've had to decide between biking and taking the bus. (Note that taking the bus doesn't get me to work much faster, and I actually have to get up earlier to do so, since the bus leaves at specified times.)

Although, the morning blahs don't seem to keep me from getting work done, as long as it's not very creative work. I can do math, I can program, but I can't write a coherent sentence before I've woken up all the way.

On other notes, the fetish fair was cool. I even bought stuff. And I saw a bunch of people I knew from other places, which was amusing. (Including one guy I met last weekend at the UU church national annual meeting... just another reason I like my religion...)

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