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My job starts tomorrow (its original start date was the 1st). This is good. I also managed to get my bike into rideable condition, but I'm going to take the shuttle tomorrow because I'm not sure how long the bike-commute will take in rush hour, and I don't want to be late on my first day. I will do the ride tomorrow evening, though, to time it for later. I think I'll start by riding/shuttling on alternate days, but hopefully I'll be riding it every day within a few weeks.

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope everything is successfully set up tomorrow. If the people at Lincoln Labs are less flakey than my boss, everything should be alright. (My boss is a great guy, but he doesn't move quickly.)

I've been surrounded by Swillies the past few days -- I went to Swat for Alum Weekend, and now a bunch of them are in the area. It's been a blast (and a blast from the past) and a reminder of why I loved Swat, but also a reminder of why I was ready to leave: almost all of the people I liked hanging out with graduated before or at the same time as I did. There were underclassmen that I knew and liked, but not enough of them. I felt like an old fogey before I had even left. But Alum Weekend didn't feel like that, since I was one of the younger Swil alums, and many of the older Swil Legends were there. (I was even in a LARP with Zorblak, the legendary slightly singed wizard. White ran a LARP that pulled in characters from his various tabletops, which was hysterically funny and self-referential. And only the kind of thing someone like White could pull off, since he played several NPCs including himself, and his evil doppelganger. Which led to us having to call out DM whenever we needed a mechanics question, since calling "White" would get the character. 'Twas much fun, even though I vastly prefer tabletops to LARPS. White hadn't decided if our characters would remember the events in their own timelines (if we ever decided to use them again), but decided to let them remember just for the sillyness of one character ending the game with a vial of the DM's blood, which could have all sorts of effects back in the original gameworld.)) And tonight I'm actually going to make it to one of [name]'s collagings, which for some reason I never managed to do as a student.

It's not that I don't like the friends I've made here in Boston, but I miss that incestuously close-knit social circle, despite its myriad flaws. I miss having a calendar so full that I never had to be alone -- I just went and found whatever Swil was doing and joined in, and I never felt like I wouldn't be welcome. Well, it's not that perfect, but it was really nice. And it was fun having it back again for a weekend. I know a bunch of people who want to "grow up" and leave it all behind -- I don't see any reason I should do that, since it isn't stopping me from having a life outside glorious reminiscences. Ack! Gotta run or I'll be late to my first collaging. See y'all later.

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