antimony (antimony) wrote,


I start work this afternoon. It's nice not to have class-stress for a while, even though work will take a fair bit of energy Real Soon Now TM. Hopefully I'll be able to shake this funk I've been in lately.

I had a good destressing weekend, too, especially yesterday, when I played most of a game of Britannia with Monkey and some of his Objectivist friends, and then we dragged Dave along to see Once Upon a Time in China, which was great fun. (I'd been wanting to see it since Writergirl raved about it in her journal. I didn't agree with her on which actors were yummy, but I did enjoy the movie. Monkey generally has cool friends, although I was somewhat amused when these particular friends were bemused at the sight of a gamer chick who has lots of gamer chick friends. (Britannia, for anyone who doesn't know, is a 4 person, ~6-8 hour game about warfare in Britain from 45-1085 AD. Not for the casual gamer, although it's not one of those month-long wargames, either. Fractal and Ayn play it a lot, and them, Scribe, and I dressed up as it for Halloween last year, which was very silly.)
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