antimony (antimony) wrote,

thesis, antithesis, synthesis

I'm going to continue rambling philosophical. Feel free to ignore me.

"Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis" was a catch-phrase my high school french teacher used to use, meaning that the best way to approach a problem was to come up with an idea, find the opposite idea, and then combine them. Although she never explained it, she just demonstrated it.

It's a worldview that I really like. I like seeing things in threes -- one side, the other, and the space in between. One part of me yelps that that is just as simplistic as seeing everything as a duality, an idea which was firmly drummed out of me when I read "The Left Hand of Darkness" at a very early age. But the rest of me embraces this triptych view, with an engineer's sensibility that searching for an ideal worldview is nice, but not necessary, if an acceptable approximation is available. I think this is my current approximation, and it has sufficient accuracy for my situation.

P.S. I celebrated Easter first by having a milkshake at Tom Jones after midnight last night, with Jupiter, Francine, and P[pseudonym to be determined].

P.P.S. Greylock ###, where I'm staying, *really* *really* needs to be dipped in bleach. Eww, bachelor pad. I think I'll shower on campus later.
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