antimony (antimony) wrote,

...macintosh lust...

I wantwantwant a G3 powerbook. (Yes, a G3, not a G4, since the G3s are a) sexier and b) actually close to my price range and c) I've actually used one a bit (Katchoo's) and really liked the way it felt.)

Of course, there's absolutely no reason for me to need a new computer. Especially not a Mac, since I'd for sure have to buy SoftWindows to run a lot of engineering software. But a G3 running SoftWindows would still be faster than my PowerPC (a 100 mHz 5260, with extra memory but no other upgrades), and it would run both Mac and Windows software. And I enjoy using Macs, despite the fact that they're all non-geeky and stuff. (Besides, I could probably convince it to dual-boot into MacLinux, so I could still pretend to be a real geek.)
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