October 9th, 2019

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another year, another IFComp

Do I post about anything in my actual life? Not really. But I'm going to try to judge IFComp again. There are 82 entries this year; I'm hoping to get to more than the minimum 5 for judging, but there's no way I'm playing them all.

I'll be going via the comp site's personal shuffle order, skipping games I can't play on my antiquated mac laptop, and making exceptions if I only have a short window to play, when I will scan down the shuffle looking for the first 15-minute game on my list.

As I've done in the past, I'm planning to keep my reviews more about the positives of games/be constructive, and I will often be writing up notes a while after playing, if I was playing from my phone on the bus etc, so they may be quite vague. Sorry, authors, who were hoping for something in-depth; there's 82 games and I'm going for quantity over review quality.

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periodic table

IFComp 2019: group 1

Well, the first batch coming out of the shuffle is Very IFComp. One short-cute parser puzzler, one Dramatic Web Game About Dark Subjects, and an old-school puzzler in a format I'm not sure I can play. In we go!

Reviews/Spoilers for Extreme Omnivore, The Mysterious Stories of Caroline, and Treasure Hunt in the AmazonCollapse )

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