October 16th, 2014

periodic table

ifcomp, five by five (next to last batch!)

Next to last batch, and I have now played all but one game that I can play on my hardware, the reviews are just still to-be-edited. ETA: Milk Party Palace requires OS X 10.6 or above, so my little 10.5.8 laptop is no good. (That's kind of true in general, really, but I've been buying bike crap with all my disposable income, lately.)

Creatures Such as WeCollapse )
Hunger DaemonCollapse )
EnigmaCollapse )
HHH.exeCollapse )
The Entropy CageCollapse )
Ugly OafsCollapse )
Laterna MagicaCollapse )

Last batch will be: Begscape, Origins, Sigmund's Quest, Krypteia, Jesse Stavro's Doorway, Milk Party Palace, and Paradox Corps. Milk Party Palace is the only one I haven't played yet; maybe tonight, maybe not until this weekend. I'll do a no-spoilers rec list then too. (I will be skipping Slasher Swamp, Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!, and Building the Right Stuff due to platform limitations.)

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