January 2nd, 2012


belated trip report

I saw that meme about places one has slept in 2011, and instead of giving the rather short and mostly uninteresting list, I figured I'd finally post my pictures and story of going camping in Ipswich this past September.

I tend to pick up sporting-ish hobbies and discard them without accomplishing a whole lot; this is partly because I am competitive by nature, but not actually very athletic, and partly because I am lazy. But I've wanted to go canoe camping for a long time, and finally managed to do so on our honeymoon. That was fun, so I wanted to do it again, and also was going boating a bunch with saxifrage so I idly started looking at canoes. One of the ones I liked best showed up used on Craigslist, and suddenly I had a boat.

So after a few paddles, I booked a night on Perkins Island on the Ipswich River, in the middle of the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary.

And this is where the picspam commences, so follow me behind the cut for moreCollapse )

Next summer: as I said above, if anyone wants me to lead a group overnight on Perkins Island, I'd be happy to. It'd be kid-friendly and novice-friendly -- we wouldn't have to start as far upstream as I did, which would avoid any possibility of dealing with downed trees.

And then I'm going to take my boat up to Maine and do a longer trip.

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