November 14th, 2009

goodyear blimp

lol rain

Bullet points as see #2.

1. I *heart* my chiropractor -- I'd forgotten what it felt like to have full range of motion in my neck and have it not hurt. Whee! I'd been just about to give up on chiropractic fixing it, too -- all the other times had made it feel a little better but after a day or two it was same-old-same-old. Dunno if she did something different this time or if it was just cumulative improvement, but yay!

2. Between work, work on the house, and wedding planning, I have no time, and no brain. Sorry 'bout that, to all the folks whose events I've not attended and blogposts I haven't replied to etc, etc.

3. It's really raining out there. I'm on wifi at the Arlington Panera, doing my best drowned rat impression. (And am about to close the 'puter and play video games because I need to chill.)

4. Thanks to eustaciavye for using the Horizons salon all those years ago -- it made figuring out what to do for hair/makeup for my wedding a much less painful process.
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