February 19th, 2009

goodyear blimp

oh look, it's something resembling an update

Okay, so this news is several days old, but that satellite collision -- what the flipping heck? How on Earth How the heck did that not get predicted by the Air Force folks and/or why didn't they tell Iridium to fire them retro-rockets? We KNOW where stuff is up there. We have the technology. Somewhere in this house I even have references on it. There's no excuse for the gov't not realizing there was a non-zero chance of that collision happening and doing something to put it back to the odds normally expected by the fact that space is big. Really, really big.

Two, we had a guest lecturer at work today lecturing on the stuff I used to do at my old job. Nostalgia city. At least I had a nice intricate piece of code open on my desktop when I got back to drag me back on-topic.

Why is the Goodyear Blimp the closest I have to a space-related icon? Wah. I really should do something about that.
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