May 20th, 2004

periodic table


Stupid Walden closing at some time before 7:20. Guess I'll have to just haul ass tomorrow morning, even if it's raining, because I've got a new watch, and a new swim cap, and no excuses. Grrr. Or something.

(I'm hoping to do the Against the Tide swim in Hopkinton end of June, and I haven't been swimming in a while. Chlorine gets on my nerves a lot more now than it used to, and thus I've been waiting for warm non-rainy weather. And then I end up running late at work on a beautiful day.)

[Edit: I know the *pond* is still there at 7pm. But the parking is not, which was the problem. And I was worried about swimming at sunset. Sadly, it was raining at 6am this morning. Double Grr, but it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.]