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antimony's Journal
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Thursday, May 29th, 2003

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not my day / video games?
Okay, so today was destined not to be my day -- wake up sick as a dog, decide I'm going to work anyways, and trip in the parking lot, managing to badly skin my knee and rip my pants. Gah. So I went home after lunch and hid from the world. Sigh.

Also, a question for all those with playstations/ps2s -- I've been thinking of getting a video game console of some sort (and playstation seems to be the one I'd want, as I'm above all an RPG fan). Any suggestions on what games & accessories I should get to start with? I don't want to learn multiple different controller layouts, so if 3rd-party is the way to go, I want to go there immediately. (They have many buttons! Gah. Too much original-NES for me.)

[Edit: also, I like my RPGs to not require dexterity. But I also like dexterity games. Just not together -- turn-based (or another system where I can, say, go to the bathroom in the middle of a battle) RPGs, and lots of tetris. Or something.)

Current Mood: ow!

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