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antimony's Journal
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Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

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grr, morning!
Okay, who's bright idea was it to turn the volume knob for my internal monologue up to fricking shouting? It's only supposed to do that when I'm worried or upset, not when everything is hunky dory and I want to go to bed. It wasn't jabbering about anything particularly relevant.

*And* the internal song-volume was on high, just to keep up. (Playing the theme from the Children of Dune mini-series, no less. But the monologue wasn't harping on the movie.) Wah. I *wanted* to go swimming this morning, but when I got up at 4:30, I felt like I'd gotten less than 4 hours of sleep, which was probably accurate. It wasn't just trouble falling asleep -- I'd wake back up and then have trouble going back to sleep. Stupid internal monologue. Stupid brain.

Current Mood: tired
space cadet antimony?
Okay, I really must not have gotten much sleep last night -- I couldn't remember my SSN. (It's also my health plan ID number, and I needed to ask them something.) I had to actually get out the card and look. Dude. That's not okay. I've had that memorized since I did undergrad apps.

Current Mood: ditzy

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