May 20th, 2002



Almost there. Can I pass out now? Just for a while? It'll take my advisor at least 2 hours to get back to me on the draft. Maybe I'll go twitch somewhere until then, since I think I had too much coffee. Some JD would be nice right now.

As much as I'm complaining, though, it's been a great thesis experience. I had been afraid my brain had permanently burnt out after my last two semesters at Swat. That is, in fact, not true. I can still haul ass when I'm inspired to. Yay! And I don't think I'll be that burnt out when I'm done with this. Tired, but accomplished-feeling, not just-glad-it's-over. Whee. Thud.

(224 pages. It's a fricking book. About 80 of those pages are computer code, though. And another 10 are [THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK]. LaTeX rocks the free world.)
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