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antimony's Journal
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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

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the M(b)TA song...
What's the point of having a commuter rail station if the trains don't stop there? Sigh. I guess I'm probably taking the bus tomorrow. (Ah -- looking more deeply into the bowels of the MBTA web site, I discover that the reason it rarely stops there is that they built a new station reasonably nearby. But not really walking-distance nearby.)

So I get to leave here before 8 in order to make it to Woburn by 10. Lovely. (The bus leaves State Street at 8:50, and that's not fast for me to get to.)

Want car. Want car now!

Current Mood: annoyed
One of the underclasslings signed the SWIL attendance list with the middle name/quote "ENGINEERING HOMEWORK SHOULD NOT BE DONE ON SATURDAYS". Heh. Guess they're still making engin frosh turn in homework on saturdays. Good for them. Weed out those who aren't engineery enough to, say, *get out of bed reasonably early on a saturday, after staying up until well past 3 am hooking up with someone, walk-o-shame it home to meet their engin study group (who were all sitting in the lounge working by this point, and knew their missing member hadn't come home, since a certain roommate decided that it would be fun to proclaim it to everyone) in order to turn a problem set in by noon...*

Er, just in case you missed the hint, that was what I did the morning after dphilli1 and I finally managed to overcome our shyness and get together. (And, for the record, I wasn't actually annoyed at my then-roommate for announcing that I hadn't come home. Mostly just amused, especially since my ex-crush was in that study group, and was the one who actually pestered me about where I'd been.) Heh. Sometimes I miss being 18, and newly infatuated both with dphilli1 and the study of engineering.

(And then I remember all the dumb shit I did as a frosh, and feel all grown up. Snort.)

It's still good to know that the engin department is still torturing frosh. It's good for them. Builds character, or something.

Current Mood: amused

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