April 15th, 2002

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G.W. Bush Federal Income Tax Bribe

I get my $300 bribe from the gov't after all! (I didn't get one before in the mail because I filed as a dependent last year. But I'm not filing that way this year, so I get it now. Heh.) And thus both MA and the Feds are paying me this year. (If not for the bribe, I'd owe the Feds a tiny bit more than MA was refunding me, but both numbers would be small.) I'd expected to about break-even for both, which would be correct if not for the $300. That's a nice bonus. And, looking at it closely, I'm being refunded $1 more than I spent at Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day (on the mixer and some other stuff). That amuses me. (I was going to finish my taxes before buying the stuff, in case I needed the money, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't owe much, if anything. It seems the Tax Gods approve of my mixer....)
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Dude, government customer service that's quick!

(It took me more time to try to find the address for filing my MA taxes than it took to fill out the form. I finally gave up hunting for it, and called the help-line, figuring I'd be on hold until tomorrow. Nope -- less than a minute on hold. Impressive.)