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antimony's Journal
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Monday, April 8th, 2002

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and now for something completely different!
The internet is failing to be a fount of all knowledge, from the mundane to the sublime.

Or, at least, Google only found me one (1) recipe for Russian Tea Biscuits. (Well, that one recipe was repeated a variety of places, and there were many recipes for Russian Tea Cakes...) And that one recipe is sub-optimal -- it sounds like it's the same basic food that I'm thinking of, but a different style, since the one I used to get never had frosting, and the dough doesn't sound quite right. (And I'm too lazy to re-google to give y'all a link, since I already saved the recipe.)

Amusingly enough, the only hit if you search on "russian tea biscuit" (rather than without quotes), is a review of the Davis Bakery. (In Cleveland, folks, not Davis Square. If it were in Davis Square, I wouldn't be trying to cook the darn things myself.)

Note: Russian Tea Biscuits, in my experience, are rolled, flaky pastries with raspberry jam, raisins, and walnuts inside, and sugar crystals sprinkled on top, with probably an egg-glaze.

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