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antimony's Journal
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Saturday, February 16th, 2002

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...pretty in punk...
For someone voted "Stuck in the wrong decade -- the '80's" in her high school yearbook, I sure am short on actual 80's wear. Sheesh. I'm gonna have to go punk/glam rather than material girl. (Which does mean, as usual, I'll be wearing vinyl at Manray. But on the wrong night...) This is all because one of the Southern Belle contingent is in town from New York, and wanted to go. I don't think I've seen her since my senior year (of college) -- weird.

Side note: This has been the weekend of weird scheduling mishaps. In so many ways. Heh. It all appears to be fine, even if not according to the original plan, or the plan after that, or ...

Side note number two: I don't think any amount of hairspray will keep my hair up anymore. But I'm going to give it a valiant try...

Current Mood: contemplative

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