January 2nd, 2002

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New Year's Resolve

I don't really have any specific resolutions. I tend to set lofty goals and then fail miserably.

So this year, I'm just trying for some New Year's Resolve. Some backbone. Some stick-it-to-whatever-it-is-I'm-currently-aspiring-ness. Er, I like hyphens. Deal.

Okay, I'll put up one resolution -- to actually post here more often, since I keep failing to find words for what I want to share, when sharing would do me good, even if no-one else really cares.

This is sounding grumpy. I'm not grumpy; au contraire, I'm quite content. Sitting, poking at my laptop (now with 320 megs of memory and OSX!) and listening to my new CD. And I walked lots today. (I decided not to buy T passes for this semester to make myself walk or bike places. Better for me, and cheaper.)
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