December 10th, 2001

periodic table

homestretch time

I've got what is possibly my last final ever on Wednesday. (And I just turned in the last homework, although I forgot to make up the one from being sick, so I have to finish that and hope for some credit for it. Oops.)

The prof. gave the full version of his grading scheme: I cannot fail this class, by the numbers, even if I got a zero on the final and the forgotten homework. (I'd get a B-, which with MITs lack of plus/minus on official grades would be a B.) Conversely, I have to do quite well to get an A, since I didn't ace the midterm. I think I can do that well, but it's going to be luck of the draw on the exam questions, since questions in this class seem to be either ridiculously simple or completely inscrutable. (I messed up one of the simple ones on the midterm, and one of the inscrutable ones.)