December 2nd, 2001

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Imperfect pitch, imperfect laptop...

So, having read several of ShimmeringJemmy's posts about playing violin again, I dragged my fiddle out from under my bed, and hunted down my music box. (As in the wooden wine-box I store my music books and penny whistles in, not one of the tinkly little things. Come to think of it, I don't have any tinkly music boxes here, which is a little odd since I used to obsess over them. Enough digression.) I also retrieved the Suzuki Violin Volume #4 CD from the back of my CD case, since it has a tuning tone on it.
That's when all my troubles began. (...something grabbed ahold of my hand...nevermind. end digression.) I stuck the Suzuki CD in my laptop, and the CD/DVD-ROM drive clattered and the computer crashed. Lather, rinse, repeat. The only CD I've been able to get it to accept at all is the system 9.0.4 CD, which at least means I can boot from CD and re-install. And the computer does run fine if I don't try to use the CD drive. I'm not sure what's wrong, yet, especially since I have to three-fingered-salute-reboot every time I unsucessfully try something.
Back to last night, though, I did manage to cheer myself up somewhat by tossing the Suzuki CD in my CD player, and then trying to hit an A and tune to it before playing the tuning note. I was within a half-note, which is as good as I could usually do years ago. And, as the violin kept slipping out of tune, (it hasn't been played in a long time, and the tuning pegs have always been tempermental -- there's a reason I have four fine-tuners on this violin), I caught it and got it back extremely closely by ear. Whee. I'll never have anything approaching perfect pitch, but I'm getting slightly better with time. I also determined that I am as rusty as I thought I was, and so I can't really get a pleasant tune out of a violin anymore. With practice, I could get it back, but it's not like riding a bicycle -- your fingers may not forget, but it's not all about the fingers. Songs that I had memorized are still there, and I can play them pretty well. Anything else, uh, not so good.

Then Dave came over to watch Tomb Raider, so I put both the violin and the laptop aside.
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...small world online...

So I just finally got around to finishing one of Mercedes Lackey's trilogies that post-dates my need to buy all of her stuff in paperback. (The Owlflight/sight/knight trilogy, FWIW.) And then, later, I was checking newsgroups and decided to take a look at alt.books.m-lackey, where I hung out for a while my freshman year before I had too many new RL friends to have time for an online life.

A lot of the same faces are still there. (And, sadly, one familiar poster just passed away.) Heck, my name is still on the Birthday List. Maybe if I can figure out how to convince my newsreader (tin) that my name is "antimony", I might even post a brief re-delurk. (I never concealed my identity there, and "antimony" is just my generic online version, not a persona, but I'd rather use that name there.)

Now for the small online world bit -- I was glancing at threads with familiar posters, and saw one re-welcoming "Aiglet". I thought "I remember her!", clicked on the thread, and realized that this is aiglet. Dude.
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