October 19th, 2001

periodic table

$i != $n

Found one major typo in the code that was producing odd errors. There appears to be some weird biasing going on, but that may be due to a known issue. (I hope! If that's true, then it means the code basically works.)

I like Fridays. I seem to get a lot done on them, and I'm here for a whole day. (Which also means I can sleep in a little if I need to, since I don't have any specific times I need to be in class.) And for some reason, I focus better.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mom and Sis tonight -- dunno when they'll get in, but they actually left on time. It means I can't really have any other plans this weekend, although I might see if they want to go to Purgatory Chasm. And I may be bringing Sis to anime, if it happens and she wants to come. All part of my diabolical plan to corrupt her. (Except that my parents are already pretty sure she's more corrupt than me. Which may be true, in mind at least...)
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