October 9th, 2001

periodic table

matlab and contentment

I spent most of today frantically trying to get my homework done, sitting in front of an Athena window getting close & cuddly with MATLAB. Was actually a fair bit of fun, although I felt badly that I wasn't having better luck explaining MATLAB to one of the other guys in the class. (He's never programmed, like ever, and is having to learn Matlab on the fly. Yeesh.)

Most of the frantic-ness was due to the fact I was a big slacker and spent yesterday refilling my cuddle-meter. I spent most of it in a pile in Theory Girl's apartment along with Eustacia, Wyndam, and Ash. Was warm and comfortable and comforting and something I tend to need a lot more often than I actually get. (It was also lovely to see Wyndam, since I haven't actually chatted with him in ages. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see him after he's back in circulation. Err, I didn't mean to restart the book joke. Oops.)

Except for the fact that I don't know exactly what's up with Dave, and I worry about him (and miss him already, 'cause I'm a big sap), life is pretty good. And I guessed the ending of tonight's Buffy before the end of the first 5 minutes, so I'm feeling perceptive. :) On that note, I think I'll bid y'all good night, since I'm going to go catch up on sleep.
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