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antimony's Journal
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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001

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sick, day two
I wasn't sure, yesterday, if my sinuses were just hurting because I've been under a fair bit of stress and haven't had a chance to sleep in or lounge around much at all. Nope. I'm actually rather ill. Oh well. Tomorrow I'll try to get mad crazy work done to make up for these two days, but it'll be okay even if I don't.

Had a good time last night, though, with lots of people coming over for Buffy. It was a fairly good season opener, too. Hopefully this bodes well for the new season on UPN.

Current Mood: sick
stephen merritt, you bastard!
I've had two lines of "I Can't Touch You Anymore" stuck in my head for *days*. This is really, really not okay. (And I'm not having the kind of angst for which this song is appropriate. I don't even have the really angstful chorus in my head, just two random verse lines. "You're asking the wrong questions / You're opening the wrong doors", if you really want to know.)

Stupid Magnetic Fields with their catchy tunes and intriguing lyrics. Get out of my head!

Current Mood: annoyed

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