September 12th, 2001

periodic table

...hear the mighty engines roar...

Every once in a while, the F16's fly overhead, and then the skies go back to being too quiet. There they go again. (I assume it's the F16's. I hope it's the F16's.)

Work is cancelled, and so is my class.

I used to be terrified of airplane noise, even though I knew that the low-flying rumbles of passenger jets weren't planes come to drop the Bomb. Maybe I was afraid of the right thing all along.
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    for now, just the cars on the McGrath Highway
periodic table

praying for those that few will pray for...

I rarely pray. (Mostly, because I'm a fairly strong agnostic, and I feel very strange addressing a Force I don't really believe in.) But I'm going to try to summon up the purity of spirit to pray for the families and friends and neighbors of the terrorists who planned this. More innocent people are going to die before this chapter in history is over, and that horrifies me most of all.

I don't think I'm strong enough to pray for those who weren't innocent, though.
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