September 8th, 2001


kitchen utensil ack!

Oops. I left my olive oil and garlic press at Rancho Lovell. That's not helpful. Sigh. And my jar of ground cumin, which is really annoying, since I'm trying to make the extra-special version of the Paces' hummus recipe. Which has cumin as the secret ingredient.

I should go to the grocery, I guess. I dunno if I'm actually making food yet or not, though, and so I don't want to buy way too much parsley if I don't have to. Blah.
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periodic table

I should cook more often...

It's a really nice way to chill. I woke up really not in a good mood, but I feel better now. And I have a *lot* of hummus. I just followed the recipe I got from Spike, and didn't really think about the part where it says "four cups chickpeas, drained" and how much hummus you get from four cups of chickpeas. It tastes pretty good, though, so there will soon be less hummus. There's also more than plenty tabouleh, and there may be falafel if I bother with it at the BBQ.

I put my dad on a Greyhound bus this morning, too. We saw "Curse of the Jade Scorpion" last night, and I heartily recommend it. It was light, hysterical, very Woody Allen, and extremely well-done. There were a million points where you knew what had to happen next, but unlike in a sitcom or Oedipus Tyrannos, there isn't that painful sinking feeling along with it. (Don't ask about Oedipus unless you really want the ex-classicist in me to surface, though...)
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