September 7th, 2001

periodic table

bored now...

Blah. Sitting at work, bored. Probably going to cut out early so my dad and I can go for a bike ride, assuming he can fit on my mountain bike. :) Also assuming I can keep this migraine at bay for a while longer. Gah. I like having parents that I get along with well enough that it's fun having them in town, though. And free indian and mexican food is always good.

Dunno what I'll be up to this weekend, except going down to Naragansett on Sunday for Dave's race. I miss him when he goes into pre-race mode...but it is likely better for both of our respective sanities that we not hang out. And maybe Francine and I will actually get our little shopping expedition together. I'm still hunting for a ride to Wyndam's BBQ, too. This would be one of those rare occasions when I wish I had a car up here....
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    "Personal Jesus", Depeche Mode, in my head.